Mind. is a clothing brand that´s elegant, comfortable, and original. Open to everybody because we´ll have something perfect for you, whether you are looking for a classic look or something extravagant... The first collection are dresses that celebrate the female form; giving the body a more shapely and curvy appearance. The concept is to let you decide the final look of your outfit, we will make you your favorite design with the fabric you want.

All Mind. clothing is hand-made in Holland. We work ecologically and economically sustainable due to our ´production on demand´ principle... No child labor, less pollution, and no unnecessary waste. Basically, our products are one-of-a-kind, comfortable, and elegant fashion in an environmentally friendly way.

Mind. starts with five dress designs to be made available to you in the fabric of your choice. The dresses have a flattering effect on the body shape by creating a tall and curvy appearance. Together with the colour or print of your choice it will create a very attractive and feminine outfit. The dresses have a smooth fit and are extremely comfortable to wear, mainly because we only work with elastic fabrics. We intend to keep the available prints as original and as exclusive as possible... Enjoy!

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